Advisory Board
Dr Abe Chandra ACE EV

Dr Abe Chandra

Dr Chandra is an Academic Vascular and General Surgeon. He has an interest in Trauma and Emergency Surgery, especially in austere environments. He has a strong interest in using cutting-edge new technologies to benefit humanity, including using immersive technologies (such as Virtual Reality) to train the next generation of clinicians, and using autonomous robotic technologies for extrication and treatment of casualties from hostile environments.

Appointed February 2021

Robert Bruce ACE EV

Robert Bruce

Robert is an innovative and agile global business leader across a number of diverse industries from retail, internet start-ups to automotive. He has been involved in blue chip internet and retail businesses. He is a builder and Lean Transformer, delivering world class results. His latest position was as Regional Director of Amazon Operations Australia. In 2017- 2019 he was Global APS Director Operations Autoliv 2015-2017. Previously, Robert was Director APAC, General Manager Manufacturing Japan and Philippines Plant Manager, Australia Vistaprint, Managing Director Australia VP President of JANZ (Japan, Australia, New Zealand & Singapore) and Plant Director Australia and North America.

Appointed August 2019

Joe Burke ACE EV

Joe Burke

Joe brings over 30 years’ experience as a senior industry policy advisor, consultant and strategist – with a longstanding engagement with the automotive industry. He has a deep understanding of innovation, skills and energy issues. Joe will help support ACE EV in building its relationships with Government and the research sector and position it effectively in the Australian energy industry transition now underway.

Appointed August 2019

Anthony Lynham ACE EV

Associate Professor Anthony Lynham

Anthony is a well-respected Maxillofacial Surgeon. Having for many years personally witnessing the senseless effects of trauma and violence in our society he entered politics in 2014. He was responsible for a raft of measures that are still in effect and making a significant difference. He was Queensland’s Energy Minister in a time of dramatic change and guided the state in its transition to a secure renewable energy future. He is now Clinical Director of one of the nation’s leading institutes in trauma research and Associate Professor, School of Medicine University of Queensland.

Appointed February 2021

Kate Mathews ACE EV

Dr Kate Mathews

Kate is a legal and compliance specialist, and experienced corporate counsel in the automotive, mining and electricity industries. Kate is Special Counsel in private practice and Honorary Adjunct Assistant Professor at Bond University, with expertise in IT law. She won a university award for her 2017 doctoral work on ‘smart’ vehicles. Kate’s skills extend across many legal scenarios, including strategic advice, enhancing corporate compliance, and extracting value from external advisers. She has presented to the ACCC & Consumer Congress on emerging digital technologies. Kate is on multiple Qld Law Society committees. She holds a Doctor of Legal Science (Bond) and an LLM, LLB(Hons) and BA(Hons) (Uni Melbourne).

Appointed August 2019

Riccardo Pagliarella ACE EV

Riccardo Pagliarella

Expert in EVs, Distributed Energy Resources, techno-financial modelling and new energy project management. Riccardo builds and leads successful innovation teams delivering new technology projects from concept to go-to market. Diverse experience spanning Silicon Valley (Tesla), Formula 1, Toyota and corporate industry and government. Strong, international networks in technology, R&D, policy development and investment.

Appointed February 2021

Reeanjou Ram ACE EV

Reeanjou Ram

Reeanjou has over 15 years international and domestic experience managing large scale transformation programmes, incorporating company mergers & acquisition, offshoring and outsourcing transition, process improvement, innovation and technology initiatives across a number of sectors and industries and has extensive experience both from a management consultant, program, strategic and operational management perspective.

Appointed August 2019