ACE EV and SenSen Networks Begin Autonomous Vehicle in Australia

ACE EV is excited to announce their collaboration with Leading Smart Cities solutions provider SenSen Networks. A Memorandum of Understanding between the two will kick-off the development of autonomous vehicles and driving capabilities for ACE Electric Vehicles to be manufactured in Australia by ACE.

With World EV Day approaching, this is a major step for both companies to build Australia’s capability to build on a greener lifestyle for its citizens now and into the future. ACE EV sees this as a great position for the range as new opportunities in AI assisted drive open up across the region.

SenSen is a world leader in multi-camera, multi-sensor data fusion technology delivering highly accurate, enforcement-grade solutions to make cities smarter worldwide. Using the SenDISA (SenSen’s Distributed and Intelligent Sensor Analytics) platform will allow the fusion of data from cameras and sensors to detect vehicles, people and objects, determine their speed and location and ascertain various attributes necessary to save lives and improve citizens’ wellbeing.

Through this collaboration with SenSen, ACE will be using the customised SenDISA platform to deliver autonomous driving capabilities for ACE Electric Vehicle customers and clients.


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